Christian Apologetics Standup Program

"Churches have an obligation to equip their congregations to answer the questions that inevitably arise from living in a post-Christian society. Both young people and adults are subject to a constant barrage of secular and pagan ideas.
Churches, schools, and families must take the responsibility for providing cogent and compelling answers."

Who Am I?

I am a Christian apologist passionate about helping other ministries, especially through research and general consulting services, and mentoring others through their journey in apologetics. I'm developing Sudoku Apologetics and my current research focus is Progressive Christianity. For my full bio, click here.

What is CAPS?

The Christian Apologetics Standup Program, or CAPS, is designed to equip, in a rather short time period, church lay leaders to be able to field questions or doubts from their community and to start study groups to help the church better understand the faith they confess.

Over six months we'll go through six books and six in depth, focused live Zoom meetings driven around not just understanding the book, but understanding how to use it and how to teach it.

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