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I read books and I know people. That's what I do.

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Okay, about me...

Formal BIO:

As a Christian apologist, David Wolcott focuses on primary-source research of Progressive Christianity and understanding the Bible in the original cultural contexts. On a four-year plan to learn how to read eight languages, including biblical Hebrew and koine Greek, David is an avid reader of all kinds of books, and is passionate about helping Christians learn to apply the wisdom shared through many excellent books via his Academy at thedavidwolcott.com.

Informal BIO:

I am a nerd through and through. Theology and apologetics, languages and mythos, Trek and Wars, 40K and Forgotten Realms, all things interest me.



While all things interest me.... Yeah, books is definitely the most important! I love all the books! Theology, fantasy, memoir, philosophy, children's, comics... You name it, I'm interested.

Doesn't matter what language it's in.
Doesn't really matter the subject.  

Growing up, I used to bike to the library and balance a stack of books on the handlebars on the way back. 

Today, I own around 40,000 books across five platforms: physical (~2,000), Kindle (15,000+), Logos (14,000+), Audible (3,000+), and pdf (1,000+).

I started seriously tracking my reading around 2017, completing 128 books. 2018 was 202. Each year since has averaged 40,000 pages over 300 books.


I also love languages! Most of my life has included languages to some extent:

  • Spanish: several years in private Christian schools while growing up.
  • Latin and Greek roots in the little time I was homeschooled.
  • Fictional languages: Drow, Grey Company Elvish, Dothraki, Klingon, High Valyrian. I've taken courses in them or spent hours reading their dictionaries/phrase books.
  • Duolingo/Drops: 7+ years of daily lessons across every language offered, starting from English, on both apps.

Research and Projects

World Classics: 

I doubt I'll ever finish this, but I want to read all the world's classics in their original languages, such as:

  • The Bible in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek
  • The Qu'ran in Arabic
  • The Tibetan Book of the Dead in Hindi
  • Alexandre Dumas in French
  • Alexander Solzhenitsyn in Russian
  • The Hagakure in Japanese


I've developed a 4-year, 8-language program to support specific projects:

  • Year 1: Modern Hebrew and German
  • Year 2: Modern Greek and Italian
  • Year 3: Biblical Hebrew and Hindi
  • Year 4: Biblical Greek and Arabic

My second 4-year group currently includes quranic Arabic, Aramaic, Latin, and Japanese. I'll add more in time to get up to 8.

Progressive Christianity:

I first encountered Progressive Christianity as red letter Christians, Christians who valued mercy over justice, or affirming Christians. 

Then Alisa's book came out in October 2020. That started my passion on the subject. Before that, I had purchased a few Progressive Christian books; I now own 150+ and have read over 50 of them from over 30 authors. Plus the 3P's: pages, posts, and podcasts. 

Some of the Progressive Christian authors I've read include: Richard Rohr, Brian McLaren, Mark Sandlin, Keith Giles, Randal Rauser, Rachel Held Evans, Sarah Bessey, and Matthew Vines.


The 1946 argument, crafted and championed by Kathy Baldock, is one of the more  common Progressive Christian arguments. 

At a very simple level, the argument is that since the word "homosexual" wasn't used in the Bible until 1946, therefore the Bible hadn't condemned homosexuality previously. Instead, they argue that the word previously would have been translated as pederasty or temple prostitution. 

I'll reveal more details in time, but I'm currently researching through the primary sources of all aspects related to this issue.

What do I do?


Memes on Facebook

What is it?

My facebook page, where I publish most of my content.

  • I take apart anti-Christian memes and highlight key problems with them or challenges to them.

The Academy

What is it?

Have a pile of books that you're trying to work through? Want to work through them with a great community of people? Check out the Academy!

  • Book Clubs
  • Practice Responding to Challenges
  • Discipleship in worldview and ministry

The Guild

What is it?

Would you like to support my ministry? Or would you like to work with me? Check out the Guild!

  • Lower levels:
    • Support Me
    • Get early access updates on my research and projects
  • Mid-Higher Levels
    • Contract me out for research

The Library

What is it?

Joining the Academy gives you a Library Card, so you'll get all of this there anyway, but this is just a free, much more open community. There will be some free resources and content there, and I'll be hanging around as well!

  • Always free
  • Private Community


What is it?

My Church Apologetics Program Standup (CAPS) program (yes, I know that's redundant; bear with me) is a branch off the Academy. I want to help churches stand up their own apologetics programs by training people over six months, six books, and six really in-depth Zoom sessions to start leading apologetics endeavors in their churches, whether that's formally teaching, setting up Q&A tables, or even just leading a book group.

  • 6-month training program
  • Preparation for church and ministry leadership
  • Monthly in-depth Zoom calls

Here's what my research calendar looks like: