Ministries I'm a part of:

  1. Grassroots Apologetics for Parents
    1. I'm the Director of Chapter Development, which means I help existing chapters continue to grow and support Parent Ambassadors with their questions.
  2. Women in Apologetics
    1. I'm an Apologetics Specialist for WIA, which means I advise on content creation and resource recommendations.

Ministries I'm associated with:

  • Summit Ministries
    • I went through Summit many years ago and continue to recommend it as a great summer opportunity for your children.
  • Crossexamined Instructors Academy
    • I graduated in 2021 and hope to return every year. This is not for everyone; it is a firehose of information, more focused on getting you into ministry than on teaching you apologetics 101.
  • Colson Fellows
    • As a C17, I was commissioned in 2021. For a number of reasons, I believe this is one of the most important ministries in the church in Western society today, and highly recommend every pastor to start a church affiliate.

Ministries I support/endorse:

Individuals I support/endorse: