Status Update: 13JUL23

statusupdate Jul 13, 2023
I'd been sharing these just on Facebook for friends only, but I decided I'm going to start posting them on my blog, too, though not quite as personalized. So, enjoy!
  • Previous update: 7 days (1JUL23)
    • 233 books/31,959 pages
    • Currently Reading: 729 Books
    • Drops: French at Level 21; 1599 terms collected.
    • 4 books, ~800 pages, 14 French terms.
  • Current update: 12 days (13JUL23)
    • 240 books/33,007 pages
    • Currently Reading: 729 Books
    • Drops: French at Level 21; 1480 terms collected
    • Drops: Danish at Level 6; 136 terms collected
    • 7 books, ~1000 pages, -120 French terms???, 12 Danish terms
Okay, so, I got bored with French, so I'm taking a break for a bit. Not sure why I picked Danish, but hey, new words! Regarding French, I checked my screenshots, and definitely did have the right numbers. I suspect that Drops is set to "lose" terms if someone hasn't practiced them recently. Otherwise, I have no idea why I'm down 100 terms. "shrugs"
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Okay, the books I finished:
    • This was a fun listen. I finished the first book back in May, and have actually been working on this one for a while. I haven't had a lot of Audible book time recently, but I'm still pecking away at different books. It was fun hearing more back story behind Iden Versio and Hask.
    • This was a good collection of "whoops, that didn't sound right." No idea how many of these are true or not, but it was entertaining. It's also a great lesson in checking how things are said for clarity and to prevent misunderstandings.
    • This is also a book I'd been working on for a long while (2 years?), so I'm glad to finally finish it.
    • This was... Well, kind of exactly what it sounds like. A devotional style, dated (Jan 1, Jan 2, etc) list of "repeat these things to yourself until you believe them." I still have a love-hate relationship with things like this. On the one hand, affirmations don't manifest anything in the universe. On the otherhand, changing our mindset and attitudes changes our actions which can change things, and one can use affirmations to do that. So... I don't recommend books like this, on the basis that the Law of Attraction is generally bogus, and because there are better books out there, but I also don't think that you won't see positive results if you read it. I just don't think any good results will be because of manifesting.
    • This was a very good book, one I highly recommend everyone read! Having said that, I also binged all of it on one day, so I will definitely go back and read it again, next time on Kindle. That's where I will start collecting quotes, identifying claims, reviewing sources, etc. But whether you ultimately agree with her conclusions or not, I think you walk away from this book having a much better understanding of the Sexual Revolution and the consequences of it.
    • [regarding Chella's decision to get top surgery]
    • "I have all these moments documented through video recordings, and the one question I kept getting asked by MaryV, Maya, and my parents was “Are you sure?” Now they all understand the pain this unnecessary question can bring. Of course, if I was sharing this with them, I was sure. I had been sure my entire life. I have always known who I am."
    • This is teaching that loving someone by being willing to question, though neither affirming nor denying, major life decisions is hurtful and unnecessary...
    • At least for Chella, it seems to not be about allowing freedom of belief, but about wholly, uncritically, and unquestioningly endorsing beliefs that have very real consequences and are, almost entirely, based on feelings.
    • This was interesting. It wasn't really instructive, as I had expected given the series, but was instead mostly just Chella's personal testimony. I have a number of thoughts about this book, but one thing in particular I want to point out is this:
    • This is the same Keith I debated twice a few years ago. I had started through his library of books at that time, then got distracted, and due to some recent events (to be explained later), I've picked these back up. So, I finished this one. There was a lot of good advice in here. It was a pretty good, short read.
    • This was a fun read. I started the Percy Jackson series recently, finishing Lightning Thief in May. I've found two interesting things about this series and book that I'd like to share:
    • First, similar to how Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code was historically flawed and, seemingly inadvertantly, ended up misleading a lot of people about that history, Rick presents the Greek pantheon as following the world powers, thus currently sitting over the United States. While I like that theory as a plot device, I wonder if that has infiltrated Western Society and affected the understanding of theology, implicitly thinking Christianity works the same way. I'm not quite ready to flesh the whole thought out, but it's an interesting thread I'm looking forward to pulling.
    • Second, the Circe character, CeCe, presents a great view of masculinity today: the assumption that men really are just pigs and a woman needs to be the hero by exposing that.....
Some of my currently reading:
    • This is just entertaining. The creativiy in Amazon reviews is well worth your laughs!
    • The next of Keith's books that I'm working through. I agree with a number of things he says and disagree wtih some other things. One question I'd ask him, though: he condemns all war and he explicitly condemns Israel for attacking Palestine, but doesn't also condemn Palestine for their attacks. Will he be consistent and apply his condemnation equally?
    • I'm not sure why, but this is hard for me to get into. Not sure if it's the writing style or what, maybe it's just I'm in a burned out period? But I am looking forward to working through this.
Some books I'm hoping to start soon:
    • One of my good friends recommended this a few weeks ago, so I'm bumping it back up to the top of my list.
    • I just learned about this (it is/was on sale on Logos), and it looks great, especially how it incorporates apologetics from Scripture and how to live as an apologist. So I'm really looking forward to this.
    • While helping Holly Pivec and Doug Geivett launch their book Counterfeit Kingdom, one of my friends challenged me to read this to fact check them. So... it's been on my list for a while, and I'm re-prioritizing it to make sure I get to it.
    • I have been waiting for this book for so long!!!! And, then, of course, it comes out and I don't jump on it. lol... Oh well, I'll get to it soon. This will probably be the next book I start on Audible.
    • This is book three of the Dust Lands series that I'm working through for a reading challenge. It's interesting so far, though not quite attention grabbing.